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              更新:2019-01-30 14:14:29??????點擊:
              • 品牌:???
              • 型號:???稀釋劑 T500
              • 在線訂購
              T-500 是一種專用的三防漆稀釋劑,其溶解能力優異,且氣味很低,是一款非常優
              異的產品,具有低氣味、快速揮發、環保、對 PU 類和醇酸類樹脂具有優異的溶劑
              能力,適合目前各大電子廠商對 EHS 的需求,符合 ROHS Directive 2002/95/EC,

              Reach 的相關要求。

              T-500 is one kindly of excellent thinner for conformal coating, it have good 
              solventperformance and very low low smell. It can vapor fast and environment 
              friendly, especial be popular used at PU and Alkyd resin. It also can meet 
              electronic industry requirement for EHS,Also meet ROHS Directive 2002/95/EC 
              and Reach requirement.